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VocalEase offers custom-tailored private instruction online and in person, especially for intelligent skilled professionals and academics from around the world. We believe in our clients’ intelligence, and we strive to give our clients the tools they need to communicate their insight and ideas to others in American English.

Our instruction empowers you to:

  • Pronounce key sounds that may be challenging
  • Use the “music of English” (patterns of pitch and rhythm) to help “clump” sounds into understandable phrases and sentences
  • Say specialized and general vocabulary words correctly
  • Know the etiquette of asking questions, making suggestions, and eliciting feedback
  • Make successful presentations
  • Develop a speaking voice that commands respect

Whether you are being immersed in the English language for the first time, have contact with English speakers in only limited situations, or have been speaking the language constantly for years, we can help you communicate more effectively.


Assessment and instruction may be conducted in person at a convenient location for student and instructor, or it may be conducted worldwide via Skype.


This in-person or Skype training can also be done for a group of two or three people ($2000-$1500) per person for 12 hours, if you know others who are interested.

Email: info@VocalEaseCommunications.com